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The nightlife of Cracow
2019-08-23 12:46:31

The nightlife that can be lived in Krakow can only be dreamt and envied by the inhabitants of other cities, not only from Poland.

The nightlife of Cracow

The nightlife that can be lived in Krakow can only be dreamt and envied by the inhabitants of other cities, not only from Poland. Krakow is a party jungle where you can get lost. We have here modern clubs straight from London, discos where world hits rule but there are still places that have not changed much since the times of the People's Republic of Poland. A city that is vibrant with life both during the day and at night. Everyone has to taste it to find out for themselves. In summer, the café gardens on the Main Market Square are constantly crowded with tourists from all over the world and local residents. You can taste local dishes in them, as well as those that combine tradition with modern flavor combinations. It tempts and encourages you to try both pheasant legs in sage sauce and chocolate truffles with raspberry powder. You can also simply lose yourself looking at the Market Square sipping a colorful drink or having a cup of coffee. The unforgettable atmosphere also adds music coming from the charming cellars of the old town, where there are also atmospheric pubs. Pubs where time has stood still or take us to other times. The multitude of clubs, restaurants, bars, which neighbour like flats in blocks of flats, make the smile on your face and the champagne atmosphere endless.

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Moving from the Main Market Square, Grodzka Street we will reach the Vistula River, and there are many barges moored on the shore, in which the waters of the quietly flowing river resound thematic events and also quiet jazz evenings. Another place is the atmospheric Kazimierz, where every year more and more clubs are added. There, we will not only try new liquors, but also try the famous Polish casseroles. Here, surrounded by stalls, and flea market in the middle of the green building, called roundabout. This is where the best casseroles are served. Throughout the night on Krakow's streets you can also meet street players who, like Santana sound right and left, hitting all the ears of passing by them partygoers.


At the end of the word of warning. Starting the evening tour of Krakow's restaurants, it is easy to succumb to the siren singing of numerous "pump rooms" - places that serve cheap vodka and beer 24 hours a day for simple snacks. You have to keep in mind or at least know how to drink in moderation to a great celebration. On this day everyone will find something for themselves!


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