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Planet Earth

Protecting and maintaining the environment and its natural resources has been a real concern for Yourplace.pl.
All new members of our staff are carefully instructed and trained about the best practices implemented.
We also encourage the guests to join our efforts in that matter.
Water Conservation

low flow toilets
aerators on bathroom sinks to reduce water usage

Saving Energy

LED light bulbs for all the lighting fixtures in all apartments because they last longer, are durable and energy efficient.
installed energy efficient windows that improve insulation.
energy efficient HVAC system
highly insulated to discourage the escape of heat or air conditioning

Improved Indoor Air Quality

room windows that open to let in fresh air
having plants in common areas to improve air quality by absorbing toxins in the air
strict non-smoking policy in apartments and common areas
apartments cleaning and change of towels & bedding once a week during stays longer than 6 days to save resources and energy

Other Green Living Features

recycling bins in all apartments, reception & offices
Providing guests with bike rentals options, walking maps, and information on public transportation
bulk soap & shampoos given to guests instead of individually packaged toiletries to cut down on waste
vegetarian & vegan breakfast option available